12 Feb 2024

Creating a business management platform for SMEs with Ntropy

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Michael Jenkins

Product Marketing Lead

📣 Customer Showcase

Tribal is a comprehensive financial platform built for SMEs in Latam and MENA.

💲Tribal has built a one stop shop for SMEs to manage their business that includes accounts payable, corporate cards, expense management and cashflow management tools.

🔎  Tribal is able to build spend controls into its corporate cards by leveraging our Merchant Enrichment and Categorization products to fully understand the context of each transaction.

💳 The ultimate spend control is done pre-authorisation and with our lightning fast latency, sub 250 milliseconds, Tribal is able to build in additional controls before authorising a payment based on the merchant or category.

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⁠⭐  Additionally, their expense management dashboard leverages Categorization to provide a convenient way to aggregate transactions in one place to enable real-time decisions and forecasting.

🔁  Additionally, using our Recurring Spend product, Tribal was able to build a subscription management tool that empowers SMEs to better track and control their expenditure.

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