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Ntropy is the most accurate financial data standardization and enrichment API. Any data source, any geography.

Try it out for yourselves and watch magic happen. Use our data samples or paste in your own.

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An average human takes 100 seconds to understand a financial transaction. The Ntropy API understands it in milliseconds.

Made for developers

Ship faster integrating with our Python SDK or Rest API in minutes. No prior setups or data formatting. You can get going straight away as soon as you have incoming data and your first customers.

from ntropy_sdk import SDK, Transaction
tx = Transaction(
description = "amzn mktp us*2y2f06l01",
entry_type = "outgoing",
amount = 20.32,
iso_currency_code = "USD",
date = "2021-11-01",
account_holder_type = "consumer",

Our products

Under the hood

We have built and fine-tuned custom language models to recognize entities, automatically crawl the web in real-time and pick the best match, as well as assign labels with superhuman accuracy in a fraction of the time.

Blueprint displaying the inner workings of Ntropy

Why Ntropy

While everyone has a model that is good at one thing, consumer or business, US market or global, we have built a brain for financial data that is able to generalize across sources, geo-s and use-cases resulting in superior inference you can now embed in your products directly.

Our growth is no secret

There are over 60 million active businesses and 12,000+ new ones every day in the US alone. No merchant database that can be bought can keep up with the long tail.

The Ntropy models have seen over 60m unique merchants across the globe and growing quickly every day.

Merchant long-tail

Ntropy has been built not as a point solution for a specific use case but as a horizontal infrastructure layer that can be used in a multitude of scenarios. We are agnostic to the type of financial data, what country it comes from, what language it is in and if it relates to consumers or businesses.

Any Data Source

Any Geography

Any Entity

Any Language


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Consumer Underwriting

Close the gaps of credit bureau data by leveraging enriched financial data directly from the source.

Business Underwriting

Verify self-reported business data quickly with enriched financial data from the source of truth - bank accounts.


Improve authorisation rates with a granular and enriched accountholder view.

Digital Banking

Build a comprehensive picture of your customers and close data gaps with enriched financial data.

Financial Operations

Enrich financial data to make it easy to track, reconcile and manage money.

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Ntropy is the most accurate financial data standardization and enrichment API. Any data source, any geography.