Recurring Spend

Empower your users to take control of their recurring spend.
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Easily identify recurring payments and predict future spend. Even if the date or amount changes.

Recognise any recurring payment, from subscriptions to weekly shops or bills.
Automatically predict future recurring payments, even if the date or amount changes.
Separate recurring spend into essential and non-essential to better understand your customers.


More accurately assess affordability by differentiating between essential and non-essential spend.
Enable your customers to control and manage their spend with a few lines of code

Establishing if spending is a one off transactions or a recurring payment is vital to better understanding customers. Recurring spend identifies patterns even if the date or amount changes.

In-store transaction example
Recurring spend management

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Ship faster integrating with our Python SDK or Rest API in minutes. No prior setups or data formatting. You can get going straight away as soon as you have incoming data and your first customers

from ntropy_sdk import SDK, Transaction
tx = Transaction(
description = "amzn mktp us*2y2f06l01",
entry_type = "outgoing",
amount = 20.32,
iso_currency_code = "USD",
date = "2021-11-01",
account_holder_type = "consumer",


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Digital banking

Build a comprehensive picture of your customers and close data gaps with enriched financial data.

Business underwriting

Verify self-reported business data quickly with enriched financial data from the source of truth - bank accounts.

Consumer Underwriting

Close the gaps of credit bureau data by leveraging enriched financial data.


Improve authorisation rates by using accurate and consistent financial data.

Financial operations

Enrich financial data so it is easy to track, reconcile and manage your money.

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Join hundreds of companies taking control of their transactions

Ntropy is the most accurate financial data standardization and enrichment API. Any data source, any geography.