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23 Apr 2024

Building a consumer lending proposition into personal finances from the start: Ntropy x Gradient

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Michael Jenkins

Product Marketing Lead


📣 Customer Showcase

Gradient is a consumer lender built on top of a personal financial management (PFM) solution.

🔎  Gradient targets middle and upper income earners with a high debt load and uses proprietary underwriting in order to advance them money to help accelerate debt reduction or growth in investments.

⁠In order to do this, like other PFM solutions, Gradient connects to a consumer's financial accounts to pull real-time bank transactions and uses our Merchant Enrichment and Categorization products to not only build its PFM capabilities but also to power key inputs to its credit decisioning engine.

⭐ With clean, enriched and categorized data from Ntropy, Gradient can make instant underwriting decisions and advance capital in real-time so customers are presented with an immediate and quantifiable  figure related to their interest savings against target debt or compounding growth potential with target investments.

⁠💰In both cases, Gradient hopes to create better financial outcomes for their customers which help them generate wealth faster. 

🧮 Gradient does the hard work of crunching the numbers to calculate how much a consumer can afford to borrow and how much they can save or earn over the long-term from a capital advance.

“We are delighted to partner with Ntropy to enrich our customer’s bank data with a high degree of accuracy (90%+) which is a key input to our  credit decisioning and cash flow underwriting engine. 

The engineering team has been very responsive and outsourcing machine learning and enrichment has been a huge part of us getting to market faster while allowing us to focus on our core product and value proposition to our end-customers.”
Basudeb Chatterjee, Co-founder of Gradient

📈 We are super excited to power Gradient as they launch their product into the market, taking personal financial management one step further, enabling consumers to take action and borrow capital to benefit in the long-run.


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