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05 Feb 2024

Building a subscription management solution on top of Ntropy

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Michael Jenkins

Product Marketing Lead


📣 Customer Showcase

Array is a financial innovation software platform for financial institutions.

💳  Array enables financial wellness for consumers via their financial institution by helping them save more, spend less and build wealth.

🔎  Array is able to understand and gain insights into consumer behaviour by leveraging our Merchant Enrichment and Categorization products which provide context to messy raw bank data.

⭐  Additionally, using our Recurring Spend product, Array was able to build a subscription management tool that empowers consumers to better control their spend.

🤖  Subscription management is a core expectation of consumers in their banking app, with 47% of customers reporting it would be useful and provides FIs a way to engage customers.

Our Recurring Spend product makes it easy to identify recurring payments and predict future spend, even when the date or amount changes.

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Building financial management tools?

Use Recurring Spend to easily identify recurring payments and predict future spend

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