TX Enrichment

Transform messy transactions into actionable information

Understand any transaction with superhuman accuracy but 10,000x cheaper

Transaction Enrichment

The challenge is in the long tail

It is easy to identify and categorize the top 500 entities but the real power of transaction data is unlocked with both high accuracy and full coverage.

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Domain experience. We have built up knowledge and expertise through working with transaction data for the past six years.

Billions of transactions. Our models can recognize patterns and structures from the billions of transactions we have processed.

Built to scale. Our AI/ML infrastructure has scaled up to handle hundreds of millions of transactions daily

Any data source, any geography. Our models aren trained on global transaction data from many sources making them highly accurate

Your modular enrichment partner

Transaction enrichment is our core business, not just an add-on feature. We have built a modular solution that is agnostic to data source, enabling you to swap data sources and maintain a consistent output.


Any data source. Swap out your data aggregator, core banking stack or issue processor without changes to output.

Personalization. Use rules and logic to customize our outputs to what you and your customers need.

Human-in-the-loop reviews. Our human QA team proactively review results reported by customers to improve our models.

Storage. We store your transactions and create a ledger to enable easy retrieval in the future if features are added.

Use Ntropy as your playground

Our intuitive dashboard is designed for anyone wanting to test out ideas and concepts without needing any technical expertise.


Send us transactions to enrich via CSV or upload a PDF. You can still use an API key if you prefer

Easily explore our enrichment output to see how we perform on your data set.

Test 2,000 transactions free then upgrade to a no commitment plans or custom pricing for large volumes.

Three word title Our modular infrastructure means you only pay for the features you use

Join hundreds of companies taking control of their transactions

Ntropy is the most accurate financial data standardization and enrichment API. Any data source, any geography.