16 Feb 2023

Ntropy Core Principles

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Naré Vardanyan

Co-Founder and CEO

We went through a cultural reset recently and had to rethink and rephrase who we are and what we stand for. I thought sharing this publicly will help those who join us on this journey.

Below is a set of principles that every Ntropian stands by. They are not fit for everyone and that is fine. Some we follow religiously already, others we are still working on.

As a whole, they unite us, as Ntropians, in achieving our goal.

The goal is to build a company of generational importance which has a global impact that outlasts ourselves.

Every Ntropian is a co-owner and has a vested interest and role in our success. This needs to feel like and is going to be your chef-d’œuvre. We are going to make sure every single person on this team has the means and the freedom, including economic freedom, to realize their wildest ambitions.

How we think and act

  • Optimists

We believe we have an unfair/asymmetrical advantage in what we do and are disproportionately positioned to dominate. This means we get into solving problems with a predisposition of being able to crack them.

  • Humble

We do not take ourselves too seriously. This is the first thing you will experience becoming a part of this team. We have perspective and we are very aware how faulty each and all of us can be.

  • Selfless

We think individually, but make decisions that benefit the group. Ntropy comes first. If you are unable to put the personal behind when needs be, you will struggle here.

  • Thorough

We care deeply about the work we do, about every detail or we do not do it at all. Not being thorough is costly.

  • Kind

We are kind to ourselves and our colleagues. We give feedback directly from a position of helping them win and us win collectively.

  • Fast and fearless

We are not afraid of making mistakes, failing, picking the wrong path, starting from scratch. We do it fast. The answer to a lot of things is just doing more better.

  • Ferocious

We will do whatever it takes. We have a thick skin and we do not get upset by things that do not matter in the grand scheme or do not bring us closer to our goal.

  • Gritty

We work hard. The only way to win is to outwork your competition.

  • Resourceful

We make more from less. If you are lacking a tool, a conference sponsorship or an expensive agency on retainer to get something done, you won’t be happy here. Doing more from less makes us creative and better.

  • Entropic

We often do things that haven’t been done before or that we ourselves are doing for the first time. This means we can survive and thrive in chaos while seeking structure, where it is necessary.

Ntropy is not the place for

  • company politics of any kind
  • any shape or form of entitlement, ego patting and sense of being owed to
  • disrespectful treatment of each other and our colleagues
  • defensive discourse. We do things from first principles always. This means you are open to questioning your assumptions.

How we communicate

How we speak is crucial to how we think, how we act and who we are. Getting this right creates leverage both internally and externally, when engaging with our customers.

  • Concise

Information density per sentence is important. If you can say it in a couple of words vs prolonged sentences, you should. If you need to pause before saying it, you should. If you can do things async vs jumping on a call, you should.

  • Useful

When you say things, they should be answering a question and covering a need. Whatever you say should add to the discussion at hand.

  • Authentic

Say exactly what you think. Ntropy is not the place for sugarcoating or political correctness

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