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11 Mar 2024

Building a digital bank with an upgraded UX for the freight industry

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Michael Jenkins

Product Marketing Lead

📣 Customer Showcase

Tank Payments is a YC-backed neobank and provider of financial infrastructure for the freight industry.

🔎  Tank helps freight businesses to eliminate friction in running their business by designing tools that are specific for the industry.

⛟ Truckers often give up 10% of their income to acess money they have earned quickly with shippers typically having 30 - 90 day payment terms and invoice financing companies charging 2%-5% in fees.

So Tank has created a banking experience designed for the freight industry by working with both invoice factoring and truckers in one platform on top of enriched transaction data from Ntropy to automate instant funding for truckers.

⭐  For freight carriers, Tank utilizes our Merchant Enrichment product to easily identify vendors and merchants from transactions on their issued cards to provide increased transparency across their fleet of payments and expenses.

🤖   Once Ntropy has accurately identified the merchant, we provide a clean and consistent merchant name and enrich the transaction with a clear merchant logo and website.

📱⁠Tank then uses our Categorization product to provide additional context to a transaction and displays all of this information in their app to provide a better user experience to their customers.

Without this data, Tank’s customers would not always be able to recognise the payment made on their cards which could cause an increase in customer support queries and potentially lead to customer churn.

⁠For Tank it is important to provide an excellent user experience for their customers as a way to distinguish themselves from competitors and by building a UX on top of the clean and enriched transaction data Ntropy provides, they are able to accomplish this.

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