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04 Mar 2024

Building a finance hub on top of enriched bank data from Ntropy

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Michael Jenkins

Product Marketing Lead


📣 Customer Showcase

🔎 Bilanc is a Y Combinator-backed startup that enables companies to break down unit economics by customer to help optimize pricing and control costs.

⭐  Bilanc combines our Merchant Enrichment and Categorization products to better understand bank transactions so that it can map them to specific costs, helping its customers better understand their unit economics.

🤖  Additionally Bilanc builds financial statements for its customers using our Categorization product to quickly map bank transactions to financial statements.

🕰️ The lack of granularity with the enrichment solutions of open banking providers meant Bilanc had to look for an alternative. Having initially tried using GPT3.5, the slow response time was an issue and the cost of GPT4 made it uneconomical.

“The accuracy of Ntropy’s enrichment was over 90% for UK, EU and US customers compared to around 70% for the open banking provider and GPT solutions we tried. 

⁠We have saved months by not building this ourselves. Integration was easy and we can move faster with our core product without having to worry about it.”

Sam Akinwunmi, Bilanc Co-founder

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⁠We are excited to be powering Bilanc as it seeks to bring greater clarity and transparency to customer profitability, something that a lot of companies are focusing on at this time.

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