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22 Jan 2024

Airbase creates rule-based spend controls for businesses with Ntropy

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Michael Jenkins

Product Marketing Lead


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Airbase is a leading procure-to-pay solution for mid-market and early-enterprise companies such as Postman, Lattice, Getaround and more.

Using our Merchant Enrichment and Categorization products, Airbase enables its customers to create and enforce rule-based spend controls on corporate cards.

Airbase allows finance teams and managers to lock and restrict spend to specific merchants and categories to ensure that employees are only spending company funds on what their expense policy allows.

Built using our merchant cache of 100 million+ unique merchants, we consistently and accurately identify unique merchants in bank transactions enabling more granular controls to be built into expense management workflows.

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Looking to build reliable spend controls?

Build rule-based spend controls for cards using our industry leading merchant enrichment and categorization products.

Join hundreds of companies taking control of their transactions

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